The CBC biased!

March 12, 2007

Is CBC news biased? According to Tom Flanagan, a political science professor at the University of Calgary and former Harper insider, he believes that their liberal left leaning point of view stops the CBC from delivering fair news content to Canadians. Using the latest reports that the CBC did regarding The Prime Minister’s announcement about appointing judges that would share his governments point of views above others.

You know, I live in Quebec right now and the same could be said of Radio-Canada, which was even publicly admonished by its own committee as having had a negative impact on the 2001 Quebec elections because of the way it portrayed the ADQ.

The CBC on the other had seems to be a little bit more professional, although it does seem to lean to the left a bit more then to the right. Most of us shrug off such leaning saying that with Global, CTV, TVA and TQS to compete with, its good to have a couple of broadcasters that show another point of view. I don’t agree with that logic. The CBC and Radio-Canada are publicly funded companies and benefit from a higher level of respect then all the other networks when it comes to their news content. We justify public funded television as a safeguard of our national identity, and I would tend to agree with that also. Moreover a publicly funded broadcaster has a duty to show us the news from every Canadians point of view, and therefor should do their best to be objective and live up to their mandate.

What seems to happen is human nature takes over, and people feel that they have free reigns to report the news in any fashion they see fit, which is fine, except that Canada is composed of people from every political spectrum including conservatives, so they deserve to be heard also.

Pressure groups, that have liberal leanings, get more airtime and media attention from the CBC then groups from the Right. I would rather see, more in depth reporting that would give us a clearer image of what is happening with the world around us then have to listen to one more interview, between a CBC reporter on Newsworld and some groups PR rep.. .filling in the blanks for a journalist that just doesn’t have the time to investigate anymore.

Only time will tell as to what will become of the CBC. We may have to save them from themselves.


Le Banquier on Illico

March 8, 2007

Videotron announced that for those of you that cannot get enough of their hit show “La Banquier” that you can watch four more exclusive episodes only available to its digital cable subscribers.

An excellent example of cross marketing. TVA holds both the first and second place ranked shows with this series, since it airs twice a week, with numbers reaching up to 2 million viewers a show! TVA has according to BBM, a 27% marketshare of the quebec audience, which is twice as much as its nearest competitor Radio-Canada. All that being said… TVA was still in the red last year… somethings just don’t make any sense.


In memory of starbuck

March 7, 2007

I just can’t believe that this is the end of her in the show….

Lots of unanswered questions, why did she draw the scene of her death as a child, why deos it look like the eye of jupiter? Will we see her again, through other means…. is she a cylon…!!


Free sexTV for spring Break!

March 6, 2007

Thanks to the Soleil today, we found out that a marketing wizard at Videotron decided to unblock the SexTV channel for Quebec city area viewers during the spring break week in Quebec also know as “La semaine de relache”. Also included for our Familly’s viewing pleasure they had also unblocked OutTV for this special week!

Well as it turns out once the newspaper called Isabelle Dessureault, VP of corporate affaires at videotron, these channels we once more blocked from the grid as they chould be during this week.

Kudos to Mme.Dessureault for having common sense and taking action. Its a shame that not all of Videotron’s employees are as smart.

Lets not forget that Videotron is also the company that earlier this year, played some pornography during the ever popular Coronation Street for some of their eastern township viewers…. another glitch in their system.


Canada’s best IPTV network… Sasktel!

March 5, 2007

Sasktel is claiming that they have the best Geographical Network in the world. This according to today’s Leader Post. They have put in place an incredibly fast network of Fibre-Optic cables throughout the province, thus enabling them to offer broadband services such as the much awaited IPTV.

They call their IPTV service Max Entertainement services. With 27 HD chanels this rivals all other offerings in Canada. They will be exporting this service to other provinces as soon as they work out some of the kinks. I personally am looking forward to IPTV, hoping that on demand local programing and personalized menus will make my viewing that much more enjoyable.

If anyone reading this as aleready tried out this service please let me know you thoughts.


Are you confused about HDTV?

February 28, 2007

In today’s Wall Street Journal Peter Grant wrote an interesting article highlighting American’s confusion over HDTV and those beautiful flat screen LCD and Plasma screens they just bought. It seems that half those who purchased HDTVs are not watching tv in high definition, and about 6million of those, don’T even know it.

To the tech savvy this may seem ridiculous, but if you take a moment and think back to about 10 years ago to the PC industry, most people had no idea as to what they could accomplish with a computer and therefor truly underutilized their computers and usually overpaid for hardware they really did not need. I write this because with HDTVs we are now embarking on the same kind  of  journey as we did with PCs 10 years ago.These new TVs have more in common with our PCs then our old analog tv sets. Most consumers don’t understand that TV is no longer plug and play… at least not for a while. Since makers are trying to make their Sets compatible with many types of technologies at the same time, we end up with too many settings and redundancies, much in the same way as Computer today, that most people just don’t understand.

The article mentions that Companies like best buy are trying hard to educate their clients about the technology, trying to reduce returns from disappointed clients, but I can tell you from experience that although they do have informed staffers on hand during critical times, most stores don,t have well qualified staff members that can simplify the technology since they dont really understand ti themselves.

Odds are, it’ll will get more complicated before it gets better, since as most of us know, that Computers still mystify about 50% of their owners and are nothing more then expensive email machines for a lot of consumers. And please… I don’t even want to get going on the problem of cabling these new TVs and our sound systems.


The future of television

February 24, 2007

We are seeing more and more media companies coming online and using the tools of the Internet to find new ways of communicating with audiences. Some of these have been online for a whiles, and others have finally given in to the reality. The cbc this week used google maps to show the audience where they found unsafe levels o mercury in Canned tuna and to what extent from brand to brand.

Although this is no big deal from an online point of view, this does go to show how the mainstream media is embracing new online tools. But the real future still remains the ever elussive integration between the online world and the television world. IPTV looks very promising in this regard, but needs lots of major improvements on the network end before this is feasable.

You also have companies like Joost looking to broadcast content online within its own proprietary environment. Viacom earlier this week announced deal where Joost would be broadcasting their properties. So we are seeing some movement towards the online world from our traditional tv broadcasters.


What we also need to consider from a Canadian perspective, is that most of our networks are basicaly re-broadcasting American content. Once we go online, will they keep us from accessing CBS, ABC or NBC directly from our Canadian IP addresses or will the Canadian industry actually have to start making some of its own content. For an example of this, log on the SURVIVOR in the usa and try to watch an archived show, or go to MTV and try their broadband section and see what happens… obviously this post only aplies to people living in Canada.