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Le Banquier on Illico

March 8, 2007

Videotron announced that for those of you that cannot get enough of their hit show “La Banquier” that you can watch four more exclusive episodes only available to its digital cable subscribers.

An excellent example of cross marketing. TVA holds both the first and second place ranked shows with this series, since it airs twice a week, with numbers reaching up to 2 million viewers a show! TVA has according to BBM, a 27% marketshare of the quebec audience, which is twice as much as its nearest competitor Radio-Canada. All that being said… TVA was still in the red last year… somethings just don’t make any sense.


Free sexTV for spring Break!

March 6, 2007

Thanks to the Soleil today, we found out that a marketing wizard at Videotron decided to unblock the SexTV channel for Quebec city area viewers during the spring break week in Quebec also know as “La semaine de relache”. Also included for our Familly’s viewing pleasure they had also unblocked OutTV for this special week!

Well as it turns out once the newspaper called Isabelle Dessureault, VP of corporate affaires at videotron, these channels we once more blocked from the grid as they chould be during this week.

Kudos to Mme.Dessureault for having common sense and taking action. Its a shame that not all of Videotron’s employees are as smart.

Lets not forget that Videotron is also the company that earlier this year, played some pornography during the ever popular Coronation Street for some of their eastern township viewers…. another glitch in their system.


Videotron… have you heard of Canada!

February 21, 2007

I like most montrealers use videotron as our cable operator. I used to be with Star Choice (Because I love TV) and even though I have been back with videotron for the past 7 months, I still miss my Albertan satalite service. Videotron seems to only care about its core clientel, which happens to be “Pure-Laine” quebecers and distinguishing itself from the satelite carriers by ignoring the rest of Canada in its chanel line up. For the same money, Star Choice delivered about 100 more chanels, by letting me time shift, and giving me access to a lot more specialty chanels then I have now.

I could accept this lack on Videotron’s part if it wasn’t fopr the fact that their signal seems to fade, the 5.1 suround sound that I paid for… only apears once in a while. Unlike Rogers, Videotron only gives you access to the nifty advanced functions of our digital cable box, such as viewing shows on demand if it happen to belong to TVA. Most cable operators can project three version of the same chanels on their bandwidth, and videotron only does it for their own material. Its become pretty evident that if you happen to be a so-called “allophone” of even worst english speaking, well they arn’t about to go after your business. Take a walk through any culturaly diversified neighbourhood in Montreal and look at the dominance of Bell ExpressVu in these neighbourhoods. I know that some of these have been pirated, but more and more people of all backgrounds are realising that satelite operators are offering you more.
Ok… thats the end of my rant… I do feell better.


Canadian Television Fund

February 15, 2007


In Canada when it comes to matters of “culture” you kind of get the feeling that its all about the money. Our industry is financed in nosmall part by the Canadian Television Fund, as well as a battery of government credits, both on a provincial level as well as federal.

But for those of us observing the whole Shaw and Videotron incident, it is becoming clear that two things will happen. The days of simple CFT financing are over, and the CBC better start thinking about re-inventing itself. You see in English Canada the CBC, although a symbol of Canadiana in our television landscape, has no chance to win against the likes of CSI, Survivor and Deal or no Deal. Although I won’t get into it right now, I beleive the CBC’s future resides in a PBS like existence. English Canada television networks are used to the CBC getting financing to compete, but herei nQuebec, SRC is actually second in the ratings and agressivly trying to be number 1. Which is what bothers Pierre KArl Peladeau. He owns TVA, the french language champion, can’t make money with it, and needs to finance his competitor through the CFT.

We have in Bev Oda a minister who originaly voted to not create the CFT, and although her recent posturing for the masses, she will not shed a tear if the CFT is dissmantled. Also then new chief of the CRTC was hanpicked by Harper… so it will be interesting to see this play continune its natural course…. Because as we all know, the best actors all reside in Ottawa :p


Bev Oda wrote a letter! To Shaw and Videotron

February 13, 2007

Well for those of you acusing Heritage Minister Bev Oda of not doing enough to save Canadian Heritage, well what have you got to say for yourselves now, she wrote a letter…. no wait she wrote two letters. One to Videotron amd the other to Shaw Communications. Both cable operators have withheld their dues to the fund in protest that the fund is in need of reform. Today PK Peladeau of Videotron was making the rounds of the Media here in Montreal and explaining his point of view in the face of such brute force from the Federal Government. Well, it will be interesting to see wether Bev’s letter has any bite, or will she prove the NDP’s Charlie Angus right… well only the brave will survive this battle and my oney if on the quiet minister… then again what do I know… maybe Sheila Cops has got the answer…. who knows


Videotron’S latest publicity against Bell Canada

February 3, 2007

I will let all of you judge this on its own merit


Canadian Television Fund is under atack

January 27, 2007

With this week’s decision by Videotron and Shaw communications to withhold payments to the fund, we are about to see if Bev Oda the heritage minister has the courage of her convictions. Many have dismissed Oda as a non-minister, basically trying to not get into Maxime Bernier’s way when it comes to decisions that affect Bay street.

Now she is faced with a major problem, this countries cable providers are critical of the money being spent in the fund. Feeling that channels like the CBC are double dipping since they also get tax dollars from Canada to make Canadian television. Jim Shaw said this week “that most Canadians would be hard pressed to name 5 shows that his program has funded”, I would agree, Its time that Canadians re-examine most of these financial structures put in place to help “Canadian content” since to be honest, it doesn’t seem that many Canadians like Canadian programing from the major networks.

Only two Canadian shows even make BBM’s top 30, Little mosque on the prairie (14th) and the Rick Mercer Report (29th).  Now I know that an argument can be made that quality programing does not lead-to necessarily high audience numbers. True enough… but would’nt it be nice if it could…