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Wow…Thumbs down for me

May 29, 2007

Well looks like I did what lots of bloggers do…. I let me blog go… stopped updating it….

Let me see what I can come up with and get this baby back up in no time.


Time to get writing

April 10, 2007

Well for the last three weeks I have been busy, flying all over thi country of ours for work, so I’ve neglected this blog. In the upcoming days I will rectify this, since lots fo interesting things have been happening in Canadian Television….stay tuned


Superbowl Commercials

February 5, 2007

Thanks to the CRTC every year we need to go online to view the newest crop of superbowl commercials to come out of the States. Here is one of my favorites, for the rest, google has got you covered: