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Videotron… have you heard of Canada!

February 21, 2007

I like most montrealers use videotron as our cable operator. I used to be with Star Choice (Because I love TV) and even though I have been back with videotron for the past 7 months, I still miss my Albertan satalite service. Videotron seems to only care about its core clientel, which happens to be “Pure-Laine” quebecers and distinguishing itself from the satelite carriers by ignoring the rest of Canada in its chanel line up. For the same money, Star Choice delivered about 100 more chanels, by letting me time shift, and giving me access to a lot more specialty chanels then I have now.

I could accept this lack on Videotron’s part if it wasn’t fopr the fact that their signal seems to fade, the 5.1 suround sound that I paid for… only apears once in a while. Unlike Rogers, Videotron only gives you access to the nifty advanced functions of our digital cable box, such as viewing shows on demand if it happen to belong to TVA. Most cable operators can project three version of the same chanels on their bandwidth, and videotron only does it for their own material. Its become pretty evident that if you happen to be a so-called “allophone” of even worst english speaking, well they arn’t about to go after your business. Take a walk through any culturaly diversified neighbourhood in Montreal and look at the dominance of Bell ExpressVu in these neighbourhoods. I know that some of these have been pirated, but more and more people of all backgrounds are realising that satelite operators are offering you more.
Ok… thats the end of my rant… I do feell better.


Canadian Television Fund

February 15, 2007


In Canada when it comes to matters of “culture” you kind of get the feeling that its all about the money. Our industry is financed in nosmall part by the Canadian Television Fund, as well as a battery of government credits, both on a provincial level as well as federal.

But for those of us observing the whole Shaw and Videotron incident, it is becoming clear that two things will happen. The days of simple CFT financing are over, and the CBC better start thinking about re-inventing itself. You see in English Canada the CBC, although a symbol of Canadiana in our television landscape, has no chance to win against the likes of CSI, Survivor and Deal or no Deal. Although I won’t get into it right now, I beleive the CBC’s future resides in a PBS like existence. English Canada television networks are used to the CBC getting financing to compete, but herei nQuebec, SRC is actually second in the ratings and agressivly trying to be number 1. Which is what bothers Pierre KArl Peladeau. He owns TVA, the french language champion, can’t make money with it, and needs to finance his competitor through the CFT.

We have in Bev Oda a minister who originaly voted to not create the CFT, and although her recent posturing for the masses, she will not shed a tear if the CFT is dissmantled. Also then new chief of the CRTC was hanpicked by Harper… so it will be interesting to see this play continune its natural course…. Because as we all know, the best actors all reside in Ottawa :p


Le Banquier… I know, I know..but I had to

February 14, 2007

I couldn’t resist, knowing someone who is about to air on this show really does make it that much more interesting….


Le Banquier sur TVA

February 14, 2007

Tonight is our friend’s Félix’s turn at this game. Although some would have us believe that on TV, prizes are inversly related to the actual intelectual hability that one needs to have in order to win the said prize. What actually happens is that show’s like Deal or no Deal are an exervise in simplicity, where any one of us can relate to what these contestants are going through. Should one accept the 45 000$ or try for the million… It’s all a matter of perpextive, and what can you live with if you lose it all. I wish Felix all the luck, of course he know if he’S won already, since these things are pre-recorded, but I and all other familly friends don’t know yet…. so we will watch tonight on TVA at 9pm and keep our fingers crossed


TVA is certainly going to the Bank with “le Banquier”

February 2, 2007


Quebec’s version of Deal or No Deal has taken off and is now the province’s top show. With a little under 2 million viewers, this show is a money maker for PKP (Pierre Karl Péladeau) and his TVA’s one province dominance. Maybe this will allow Quebecor to pay their part of the Canadian Television Fund…. probably not!

On another note, it still amazes me that in Quebec, the ratings these shows get make them the number 1 Canadian produced productions in the entire country…


Deal or no Deal…. not really a deal

January 24, 2007

Well, its a force of nature… and its coming to a town (Toronto-Montreal) near you, Deal or no Deal is coming to Canada on Feb 4th with our Canadian friend Howie Mandel, that being said, there will also be the debut of the French Canadian version of this show called “Le Banquier” which premieres Wednesday Jan.24th, on TVA at 9pm. We happen to know one of the contestants, a young man who’s father is in a terrible fight against cancer, so if this is any indication, the french version is aiming for lots of emmotions. Vas-y Félix!

We all wish you luck!