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CRTC – Here we go again!

March 15, 2007

On March 27th the CRTC will be hearing arguments from different television license holders in order to decide which channel should be in the basic packages offered by Cable and Satelite companies. The Contenders are channels such as the weather network, Newsworld and YTV. They would like the CRTC to guarantee them a spot along with the CBC, TVA, CTV, Global, and some others that I con’t name right now.

Can someone please tell me why I need to have any channel forced down my throat when subscribing to cable or satelite… Why can’t we pick the channels that we want to watch. Its not like having these makes me watch them, it only gives me more channels to surf over when trying to find something to watch from those channels that I did want on my dial.

What we need as a country is for citizen/consumers to be treated as adults, with the ability to watch TV that we want with little or no interference from burocratic entities created by Ottawa.

ok…end of rant.


Goodbye rural Canada – So asks the CBC

March 14, 2007

The CBC has asked the CRTC the right to stop the broadcasting their analogue signal to Rural Canada. I guess that some technocrat up at the CBC made a calculation that proves that they could save X amount of money if this was done. Whether or not maney could be saved, I am shocked but not surprised that they would want to do such a thing.

The CBC needs a wake-up call. I hope that we will see a re-vamping of the CBC, where they will be set-up in a PBS like system of commercial free television.  The CBC’s need to make money and to compete for commercial reevenues has forced the CBC to lose its soul. How could they even consider such a thing, as to cut-off rural Canada. If the CBC leaves, so will everyone else. Its their duty to broadcast coast-to-coast and its their main redemption that Canada still believes that the CBC means something. Why go and shoot yourself in the foot, by acting like CTV or Global.


The CBC biased!

March 12, 2007

Is CBC news biased? According to Tom Flanagan, a political science professor at the University of Calgary and former Harper insider, he believes that their liberal left leaning point of view stops the CBC from delivering fair news content to Canadians. Using the latest reports that the CBC did regarding The Prime Minister’s announcement about appointing judges that would share his governments point of views above others.

You know, I live in Quebec right now and the same could be said of Radio-Canada, which was even publicly admonished by its own committee as having had a negative impact on the 2001 Quebec elections because of the way it portrayed the ADQ.

The CBC on the other had seems to be a little bit more professional, although it does seem to lean to the left a bit more then to the right. Most of us shrug off such leaning saying that with Global, CTV, TVA and TQS to compete with, its good to have a couple of broadcasters that show another point of view. I don’t agree with that logic. The CBC and Radio-Canada are publicly funded companies and benefit from a higher level of respect then all the other networks when it comes to their news content. We justify public funded television as a safeguard of our national identity, and I would tend to agree with that also. Moreover a publicly funded broadcaster has a duty to show us the news from every Canadians point of view, and therefor should do their best to be objective and live up to their mandate.

What seems to happen is human nature takes over, and people feel that they have free reigns to report the news in any fashion they see fit, which is fine, except that Canada is composed of people from every political spectrum including conservatives, so they deserve to be heard also.

Pressure groups, that have liberal leanings, get more airtime and media attention from the CBC then groups from the Right. I would rather see, more in depth reporting that would give us a clearer image of what is happening with the world around us then have to listen to one more interview, between a CBC reporter on Newsworld and some groups PR rep.. .filling in the blanks for a journalist that just doesn’t have the time to investigate anymore.

Only time will tell as to what will become of the CBC. We may have to save them from themselves.


Videotron… have you heard of Canada!

February 21, 2007

I like most montrealers use videotron as our cable operator. I used to be with Star Choice (Because I love TV) and even though I have been back with videotron for the past 7 months, I still miss my Albertan satalite service. Videotron seems to only care about its core clientel, which happens to be “Pure-Laine” quebecers and distinguishing itself from the satelite carriers by ignoring the rest of Canada in its chanel line up. For the same money, Star Choice delivered about 100 more chanels, by letting me time shift, and giving me access to a lot more specialty chanels then I have now.

I could accept this lack on Videotron’s part if it wasn’t fopr the fact that their signal seems to fade, the 5.1 suround sound that I paid for… only apears once in a while. Unlike Rogers, Videotron only gives you access to the nifty advanced functions of our digital cable box, such as viewing shows on demand if it happen to belong to TVA. Most cable operators can project three version of the same chanels on their bandwidth, and videotron only does it for their own material. Its become pretty evident that if you happen to be a so-called “allophone” of even worst english speaking, well they arn’t about to go after your business. Take a walk through any culturaly diversified neighbourhood in Montreal and look at the dominance of Bell ExpressVu in these neighbourhoods. I know that some of these have been pirated, but more and more people of all backgrounds are realising that satelite operators are offering you more.
Ok… thats the end of my rant… I do feell better.