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PVR / DVR technology, should the CRTC control this part of my life also?

February 10, 2007

Unlike our american cousins when it comes to technology revolving around TV we have a little bit of catching up to do. When I wanted a Personal Video Recorder / Digital Video Recorder, I was faced with the same choices as most TIVO less Canadians, either A. Buy my Cable companies PVR without being able to burn any DVD’s of my favorite shows. or B.Purchase a PVR that is unable to tell me when my favorite shows are playing, but that is able to burn DVD’s when needed.

What I found ashame throughout this whole process, is that everyone more or less owns a VCR, and most of the time we used it in perfectly legitimate ways, for our own personal use. But with the advent of these new technologies, companies are behaving more and more like we were all criminals instead of avid TV watchers.

If the content is good, we will watch it, if the DVD is worth the money, we will buy it. The industry should stop making it hard for normal people to enjoy the technology. I wouldn’t be surprised that the Canadian Government’s new DRM legistlation will empower some agency to oversee what fair usage is… Lets just hoe its not the CRTC

Thats the end of my rant. More to come on this latter this week.