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Is greedy getting its hands on G4 TechTV Canada?

February 7, 2007

Another Press Release was issued today by Rogers stating that it will let Greedy productions co-produce with them their Hit show Torent on G4 TechTV… Well good news for Vancouver but Bad news for whats left of Toronto’s Tv and Movie scence.

I hope that this will mean some improvements in the Canadian content of G4 TechTV, on a budget, but with some style…


Call for help, has gotten some help

January 31, 2007

Well in what seems to be a combo deal, Greedy productions of Vancouver have given ROGER’s G4TechTV the exclusive rights to their two gamer shows and Greedy has taken on the role producer of the now called “The lab with Leo Laporte”

Well I’m happy with this turn of events, since I am a fan of Greedy productions and Leo Laporte deserves to see his show continue. I wish them the best

For the complete news release click here —> CNW


Help for Call for Help.

January 24, 2007

It seems that call for help TV, the latest tv show from Leo Laporte will be migrating to Vancouver and will be filmed in HD under a new name. I don’t have any details so far regarding wether ROGERS will continue to back this show and air it on the Canadian version of G4 tech TV, but I will keep you apraised. Here is Leo’s blog entry regading his Toronto departure.

Leo’s farewell to T.O