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Battlestar Galactica 3

March 26, 2007

Well well well…. Wow… what can I say, I loved last nights season finale. So many questions remain unanswered and so many  fans will be in agony waiting for next year’s  debut!

 Baltar’s not guilty verdict, was abvious, since he’s the perfect anti-hero, and if you think about i, he may by guilty of many things, but he is by no means responsible for it all.

We get a sneak peak at 4 news cylons, but the jury is still out on this one for me. Lets just say, we need a bit more information before making up our minds as to whether they are or not. Also the show ends with Lee seeing Starbuck next to him, and then the camera panning out showing the Cylons starships, and then zooiming in the Earth…. what till 2008 hold for Fans of BSG!

On a last note, what should we make of these daydreams that the president has, about the 6 Baltar and the Baby…. what does it all mean… I think there lies the truth.



BSG “The Son also rised”

March 13, 2007

Well after a huge episode last week, we were presented a much more subdued episode this week where we were introduced to the unpredictable lawyer Lampkin. He is Baltar’s new lawyer, replacing the now dead original lawyer, that got blown up at the opening credits.

Lots of build up to the final two shows, the introduction of Lampkin (adama trained according to him) Lee taking his role as protector of the defence to heart and we see both Adama’s strugling with StarBuck’s demise.

Here are a few clips for your enjoyement.

Last weeks bonus clip:

And a preview of next week’s clip:


In memory of starbuck

March 7, 2007

I just can’t believe that this is the end of her in the show….

Lots of unanswered questions, why did she draw the scene of her death as a child, why deos it look like the eye of jupiter? Will we see her again, through other means…. is she a cylon…!!


Battlestar Galactica update…

February 16, 2007

This just in, Sho me sci fi today reported a direct to DVD movie, all about caprica 50 years before the current season…. have a read


Battlestar Galactica renewed for season 4

February 14, 2007

Just a quick note for those that like Battlestar Galaectica, its been renewed for a 4th season on SciFi. For more you can go here


Battlastar Galactica spoilers…

February 10, 2007


Here is en interesting post, about BSG… be warned, some spoilers ahead.

And for those of you looking for a quick fix until tomorow night’s show…. watch the preview


Battlestar Galactica – Parody

February 7, 2007

Couldn’t resist… so here it is, enjoy: