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HGTV’s Design INC.

February 19, 2007

What makes a tv show work where others have failed. It hard to say, there are many factors involved in order to have a hit. One of my all time favorite personalities on HGTV as long been Sarah Richardson of design Inc.

This series is a must see for anyone looking for an insider’s view into Canadian interior design. Its well filmed, with a very likable star and a crew that makes it worth watching. I personaly love and here estetic apeals to lots of urban profossionals who ultimatly ware he audiance that HGTV is looking to atract. In a sea of boring design shows, here is one that makes it worth your while and who seems to truly enjoy what they are doing.


HGTV’s hits and misses

January 31, 2007

Well its this time of year that I decide which one’s of the new shows will I keep watching. Some of HGTV’s new shows have really hit the mark, but some of the new ones have fallen flat. Here are a few of my hits and misses for the 2006-2007 season.


  • National Open House – Love this show, its preaty straight forward but interesting in its attempt to show you what different amounts can buy in the US in realestate.
  • Million Dollar listing – Again an american production, but nevertheless allows people to dream about that Malibu sunshine. Nicely done with entertaining hosts.
  • Property Virgins – Love that Sandra Rinomito, she makes this show a must see in our house. Informative and entertaining.


  • DIY dissaster – We don’t like the host, there can only be one Mike Holmes.
  • The Style Department – Was looking forward to this one, and in the en, we found it boring. Beautifull photography deosn’t translate well to this show.
  • Makeover Wish – Well this show seemed interesting in the begining, but after a few shows we can pretty much guess that some deserving woman somewhere in rural Canada that has had her life affected by disease has been nominated to be the recipient of a 25K makeover. To repetitive, too short and seems to be trying to be like Xtreme Home makeover without any of the fun or glory. Very dissapointing.

Digital, specialty or license to print money.

January 21, 2007

Although we are only about 32 million Canadians, it seems that there is a lot of effort being put into consolidating ou supposed 300 channel universe. Last summer Bell GlobeMedia, now known as CTVglobemedia bought the CHUM network, Global is buying Alliance Atlantis for huge amounts of money, this is once again bringing the Canadian television landscape within the control of a few companies. As a consumer, and a fan of Alliance Atlantis for years, I hope this doesn’t spell the end to some of my favorite shows. Now it seems that lots of speculation is now happening on Bay street as to future consolidation efforts from the big media groups. Grant Robertson of the Globe and Mail has a good piece on this in the Saturday edition. I have always found the variety of English Canadian programing to be more eclectic and interesting then what we have here in Quebec in french. One could argue that consolidation in Quebec led to more profits and a healthier industry, but I would argue that consolidation was not at the root of the issue. Canadian Television needs to compete with American programing and I hope that we will continue to do so for many years to come.