CRTC – Here we go again!

March 15, 2007

On March 27th the CRTC will be hearing arguments from different television license holders in order to decide which channel should be in the basic packages offered by Cable and Satelite companies. The Contenders are channels such as the weather network, Newsworld and YTV. They would like the CRTC to guarantee them a spot along with the CBC, TVA, CTV, Global, and some others that I con’t name right now.

Can someone please tell me why I need to have any channel forced down my throat when subscribing to cable or satelite… Why can’t we pick the channels that we want to watch. Its not like having these makes me watch them, it only gives me more channels to surf over when trying to find something to watch from those channels that I did want on my dial.

What we need as a country is for citizen/consumers to be treated as adults, with the ability to watch TV that we want with little or no interference from burocratic entities created by Ottawa.

ok…end of rant.


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