Goodbye rural Canada – So asks the CBC

March 14, 2007

The CBC has asked the CRTC the right to stop the broadcasting their analogue signal to Rural Canada. I guess that some technocrat up at the CBC made a calculation that proves that they could save X amount of money if this was done. Whether or not maney could be saved, I am shocked but not surprised that they would want to do such a thing.

The CBC needs a wake-up call. I hope that we will see a re-vamping of the CBC, where they will be set-up in a PBS like system of commercial free television.  The CBC’s need to make money and to compete for commercial reevenues has forced the CBC to lose its soul. How could they even consider such a thing, as to cut-off rural Canada. If the CBC leaves, so will everyone else. Its their duty to broadcast coast-to-coast and its their main redemption that Canada still believes that the CBC means something. Why go and shoot yourself in the foot, by acting like CTV or Global.


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  1. Even though I think analogue vs. broadband is still subject to some debate, I agree that the CBC needs a boost in quality Canadian programming.

    It’s interesting to draw comparisons to PBS though, as they are both a source of national history. However, I don’t think a PBS model would work though. We don’t need monthly fundraising telethons sandwiched between clips of Stevie Ray Vaughan on Austin City Limits nor more episodes of Coronation Street — although I wouldn’t object to any Monty Python’s Flying Circus or Fawlty Towers episodes :P!

    But I digress.

    The last thing we need is more FOX-like programming. I mean, that’s what Global is for. Instead, we need more Trailer Park Boys. I mean, how does a show that is so clearly Canadian not end up on CBC? We need more “edgy” and “honest”.

    All in all, it would be a shame for us to lose our soft spot for the CBC ’cause we kinda all grew up to it. Although I don’t watch it regularly anymore — I barely watch TV, in fact — I still catch it by way of CBC Radio as well as podcasts like Quirks and Quarks.

    And for the record, Bob McDonald pwns and Bill Nye is a n00b :P.

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