Free sexTV for spring Break!

March 6, 2007

Thanks to the Soleil today, we found out that a marketing wizard at Videotron decided to unblock the SexTV channel for Quebec city area viewers during the spring break week in Quebec also know as “La semaine de relache”. Also included for our Familly’s viewing pleasure they had also unblocked OutTV for this special week!

Well as it turns out once the newspaper called Isabelle Dessureault, VP of corporate affaires at videotron, these channels we once more blocked from the grid as they chould be during this week.

Kudos to Mme.Dessureault for having common sense and taking action. Its a shame that not all of Videotron’s employees are as smart.

Lets not forget that Videotron is also the company that earlier this year, played some pornography during the ever popular Coronation Street for some of their eastern township viewers…. another glitch in their system.


One comment

  1. Looks like they missed the boat. Should’ve aired the pr0n during Valentine’s :P.

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