Are you confused about HDTV?

February 28, 2007

In today’s Wall Street Journal Peter Grant wrote an interesting article highlighting American’s confusion over HDTV and those beautiful flat screen LCD and Plasma screens they just bought. It seems that half those who purchased HDTVs are not watching tv in high definition, and about 6million of those, don’T even know it.

To the tech savvy this may seem ridiculous, but if you take a moment and think back to about 10 years ago to the PC industry, most people had no idea as to what they could accomplish with a computer and therefor truly underutilized their computers and usually overpaid for hardware they really did not need. I write this because with HDTVs we are now embarking on the same kind  of  journey as we did with PCs 10 years ago.These new TVs have more in common with our PCs then our old analog tv sets. Most consumers don’t understand that TV is no longer plug and play… at least not for a while. Since makers are trying to make their Sets compatible with many types of technologies at the same time, we end up with too many settings and redundancies, much in the same way as Computer today, that most people just don’t understand.

The article mentions that Companies like best buy are trying hard to educate their clients about the technology, trying to reduce returns from disappointed clients, but I can tell you from experience that although they do have informed staffers on hand during critical times, most stores don,t have well qualified staff members that can simplify the technology since they dont really understand ti themselves.

Odds are, it’ll will get more complicated before it gets better, since as most of us know, that Computers still mystify about 50% of their owners and are nothing more then expensive email machines for a lot of consumers. And please… I don’t even want to get going on the problem of cabling these new TVs and our sound systems.


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