The future of television

February 24, 2007

We are seeing more and more media companies coming online and using the tools of the Internet to find new ways of communicating with audiences. Some of these have been online for a whiles, and others have finally given in to the reality. The cbc this week used google maps to show the audience where they found unsafe levels o mercury in Canned tuna and to what extent from brand to brand.

Although this is no big deal from an online point of view, this does go to show how the mainstream media is embracing new online tools. But the real future still remains the ever elussive integration between the online world and the television world. IPTV looks very promising in this regard, but needs lots of major improvements on the network end before this is feasable.

You also have companies like Joost looking to broadcast content online within its own proprietary environment. Viacom earlier this week announced deal where Joost would be broadcasting their properties. So we are seeing some movement towards the online world from our traditional tv broadcasters.


What we also need to consider from a Canadian perspective, is that most of our networks are basicaly re-broadcasting American content. Once we go online, will they keep us from accessing CBS, ABC or NBC directly from our Canadian IP addresses or will the Canadian industry actually have to start making some of its own content. For an example of this, log on the SURVIVOR in the usa and try to watch an archived show, or go to MTV and try their broadband section and see what happens… obviously this post only aplies to people living in Canada.


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