Canadian Television Fund

February 15, 2007


In Canada when it comes to matters of “culture” you kind of get the feeling that its all about the money. Our industry is financed in nosmall part by the Canadian Television Fund, as well as a battery of government credits, both on a provincial level as well as federal.

But for those of us observing the whole Shaw and Videotron incident, it is becoming clear that two things will happen. The days of simple CFT financing are over, and the CBC better start thinking about re-inventing itself. You see in English Canada the CBC, although a symbol of Canadiana in our television landscape, has no chance to win against the likes of CSI, Survivor and Deal or no Deal. Although I won’t get into it right now, I beleive the CBC’s future resides in a PBS like existence. English Canada television networks are used to the CBC getting financing to compete, but herei nQuebec, SRC is actually second in the ratings and agressivly trying to be number 1. Which is what bothers Pierre KArl Peladeau. He owns TVA, the french language champion, can’t make money with it, and needs to finance his competitor through the CFT.

We have in Bev Oda a minister who originaly voted to not create the CFT, and although her recent posturing for the masses, she will not shed a tear if the CFT is dissmantled. Also then new chief of the CRTC was hanpicked by Harper… so it will be interesting to see this play continune its natural course…. Because as we all know, the best actors all reside in Ottawa :p


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