Le Banquier sur TVA

February 14, 2007

Tonight is our friend’s Félix’s turn at this game. Although some would have us believe that on TV, prizes are inversly related to the actual intelectual hability that one needs to have in order to win the said prize. What actually happens is that show’s like Deal or no Deal are an exervise in simplicity, where any one of us can relate to what these contestants are going through. Should one accept the 45 000$ or try for the million… It’s all a matter of perpextive, and what can you live with if you lose it all. I wish Felix all the luck, of course he know if he’S won already, since these things are pre-recorded, but I and all other familly friends don’t know yet…. so we will watch tonight on TVA at 9pm and keep our fingers crossed


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  1. it’s a very ggod

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