Bev Oda wrote a letter! To Shaw and Videotron

February 13, 2007

Well for those of you acusing Heritage Minister Bev Oda of not doing enough to save Canadian Heritage, well what have you got to say for yourselves now, she wrote a letter…. no wait she wrote two letters. One to Videotron amd the other to Shaw Communications. Both cable operators have withheld their dues to the fund in protest that the fund is in need of reform. Today PK Peladeau of Videotron was making the rounds of the Media here in Montreal and explaining his point of view in the face of such brute force from the Federal Government. Well, it will be interesting to see wether Bev’s letter has any bite, or will she prove the NDP’s Charlie Angus right… well only the brave will survive this battle and my oney if on the quiet minister… then again what do I know… maybe Sheila Cops has got the answer…. who knows


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