HGTV’s hits and misses

January 31, 2007

Well its this time of year that I decide which one’s of the new shows will I keep watching. Some of HGTV’s new shows have really hit the mark, but some of the new ones have fallen flat. Here are a few of my hits and misses for the 2006-2007 season.


  • National Open House – Love this show, its preaty straight forward but interesting in its attempt to show you what different amounts can buy in the US in realestate.
  • Million Dollar listing – Again an american production, but nevertheless allows people to dream about that Malibu sunshine. Nicely done with entertaining hosts.
  • Property Virgins – Love that Sandra Rinomito, she makes this show a must see in our house. Informative and entertaining.


  • DIY dissaster – We don’t like the host, there can only be one Mike Holmes.
  • The Style Department – Was looking forward to this one, and in the en, we found it boring. Beautifull photography deosn’t translate well to this show.
  • Makeover Wish – Well this show seemed interesting in the begining, but after a few shows we can pretty much guess that some deserving woman somewhere in rural Canada that has had her life affected by disease has been nominated to be the recipient of a 25K makeover. To repetitive, too short and seems to be trying to be like Xtreme Home makeover without any of the fun or glory. Very dissapointing.


  1. You know, I can’t stand that show the style department. I was looking for a way to tell hgtv that. I can take just about any other show on hgtv, but that blond girl is so bloody arogant and snotty. I can’t stand her. I hope they don’t renew it for next year.

    I like the million dollar home show and the property virgins, I learn from those and they are entertaining. I also liked Nigel’s a place in france but that ended. I am a big hgtv fan.

  2. HGTV is also one of my favorite channels. Both of as at home agree with your statement regarding the host of the Style department. Hopefully CanWest will read our coments and investigate.

  3. I agree that show needs to GO!! The host is annoying – I turn the channel everytime that show goes on. I hope they take it off the air if it is a filler it is a truly poor choice. The show has no real focus and no real entertainment value. BORING BORING BORING!

  4. Are you crazy??? I love the show The Style the Dept. and in particular, the host! I do not find her arrogant, but decisive and intelligent. I find the show very creative and loved the episode where they use second hand shop treasures.

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