Canadian Television Fund is under atack

January 27, 2007

With this week’s decision by Videotron and Shaw communications to withhold payments to the fund, we are about to see if Bev Oda the heritage minister has the courage of her convictions. Many have dismissed Oda as a non-minister, basically trying to not get into Maxime Bernier’s way when it comes to decisions that affect Bay street.

Now she is faced with a major problem, this countries cable providers are critical of the money being spent in the fund. Feeling that channels like the CBC are double dipping since they also get tax dollars from Canada to make Canadian television. Jim Shaw said this week “that most Canadians would be hard pressed to name 5 shows that his program has funded”, I would agree, Its time that Canadians re-examine most of these financial structures put in place to help “Canadian content” since to be honest, it doesn’t seem that many Canadians like Canadian programing from the major networks.

Only two Canadian shows even make BBM’s top 30, Little mosque on the prairie (14th) and the Rick Mercer Report (29th).  Now I know that an argument can be made that quality programing does not lead-to necessarily high audience numbers. True enough… but would’nt it be nice if it could…


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